A local girl who is recovering at Tampa General Hospital after a serious crash is making progress.

8-year-old Dasha Dorofeev was critically injured in a crash last on June 15th along Alico Road in Fort Myers.

She suffered traumatic brain injuries and was transported to Tampa General for neurological care.

Dasha’s family says she had only been able to speak two words since the accident: “ya puknula”, which we’re told means “I farted” in Russian. But Tuesday she was able to count up to five and say a few more words.

2 thoughts on “Progress

  1. John D. Thullen

    Odd coincidence, but Pat Buchanan has been exhibiting the exact same symptoms and peculiar language of traumatic brain injury as this little girl:

    “I Farted” would have been a better title for the thug’s article. In our national language, English, of course.

    It’s a shame Oliver Sacks is no longer with us to speculate on the strangeness of the human brain.

    Would dopamine work on a patient such as Buchanan, who is a dope and pleanty mean?

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