I’m just not Pinterested

Ever notice how Pinterest spams Google search results with their shitty garbage pages? And then you forget how worthless they are, or you don’t look before clicking, and you click the link and you end up on their stupid Here’s A Content-Free Reference To What You Wanted grid?

You can put an end to this!

This Reddit page shows how you can use uBlock Origin to exclude Pinterest results from your searches.

tl:dr; add these two lines to your uBlock Filters (click uBlock icon, find the icon that looks like three sliders, click it, find the My Filters tab, copy/paste these two lines):

google.com###search .g:has(cite:has-text(/https?:\/\/.*\.pinterest\.com/))
startpage.com##.web_regular_results > li:has(.clk:has-text(/^https?:\/\/(.+\.)?pinterest\.com/))

Productivity is restored!