We just boarded the plane home from Scotland. I noticed something stuck on one of my molars. Bit of candy, I assumed. After some discrete digging, I decided to take a cell phone selfie of my mouth.

Hey look! The porcelain surface of a crown I had installed in 1989 is delaminating!

I know what my tongue is going to be doing for the next 10 hours!

3 thoughts on “Yesss

    1. cleek Post author

      Literally nobody I talked to there mentioned Brexit. Wouldn’t be good for people in the hospitality industry to talk politics.

      But, the newspapers and TV had stories about how hotel and bar owners are freaking out about it because tourism is the #1 industry in many parts of Scotland and huge numbers of the people working in bars and hotels are from other places in the EU. I’d say more than half of the staff we interacted with were not Scots. Not being able to get those workers will screw the tourism industry, hard.

  1. Mike Mundy


    So then, waiting for an account of your insightful discussions with the locals concerning the current U.S. political situation and the Democratic Party’s 2020 prospects.

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