Listening To

  • Ryley Walker -- Deafman Glance -- On this one, he leaves a lot of the pastoral 70s folk sound behind and takes up the more experimental sounds of John Fahey and those that followed him, like Gastr Del Sol, et al. Still great stuff.
    Ryley Walker - Telluride Speed (Official Audio)

  • Paul Simon -- In The Blue Light -- He pulled some of the deep cuts from past albums and re-did them with very soft, mellow and spare instrumentation, leaving his voice and lyrics up front. I like to think of it as a recording of him doing a show at a very small club with a new band. Like, it’s not the official Paul Simon show, it’s just a bit of him fooling around with his songs for the fun of it.
    Paul Simon - Can't Run But (Audio)

  • The J Geils Band -- The Morning After. Classic 70s white-guy R&B. They were a hell of a band.
    J Geils Band - Looking for a Love

  • The Internet -- Hive Mind Overall, it’s not quite as catchy as their last record, but I find myself listening to it every day anyway. I really dig that funky super-compressed guitar that shows up on most songs.
    The Internet - Come Over (Official Video)

  • Interpol -- The Marauder. Keeping up that spiky gothy thing they’ve always been so good at.


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  1. Girl from the North Country

    I’d be listening to Jefferson Airplane today, in memory of Marty Balin, if I had access at the moment to a way to play vinyl. They were an important part of my adolescence, and I saw them play the Roundhouse with the Doors in 1968 (I was pretty young, but had cool older sisters).

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