Secret Menu

We were on a roadtrip Sunday AM and stopped at McDonald’s for some breakfast. I ordered a chicken biscuit. We were a mile or so down the road when I opened the wrapper and discovered … a biscuit that contained:

  1. one of those strange McDonald’s folded-egg-blanket things
  2. a hamburger
  3. with cheese
  4. and grilled onion (not those little minced raw onions McDs usually uses)

None of which go on a chicken biscuit.

As a bonus, it was in a “Sausage Burrito” wrapper.

But, I was hungry. So, I tried it. And, it was magical.

I’ve looked at a few web sites which claim to list all the items on McD’s “secret menu”, but this isn’t on any of them.

But, it rocks.

I feel bad for whoever was expecting to get their magic cheeseburger egg biscuit and ended up with a boring chicken biscuit instead.

2 thoughts on “Secret Menu

  1. Mark

    This is great.

    When I was 16 I worked the cash register at McDonalds. I made $4.25 an hour but I got 60% off menu items so it worked out to like $26/hour in total compensation.

    I’ve seen this “secret menu” stuff posted around and aside from a few entries, it’s complete nonsense. These “items” are the result of a few incredibly inept combinations of typical menu items. It’s like saying a gas station has a secret “menu” featuring 88 octane gas if you just mix 87 and 89 while at the pump.

    The menu terminal is obviously different from when I worked there but it’s certainly not different from the employee’s perspective: just a bunch of presets on a screen.

    However, and this is the big however, there were a ton of discontinued items still active in the system at all times. Triple cheeseburger. Double Quarter Pounder. Double McChicken. Quite a few denominations of McNuggets. And everything was customizable. These categories were available as add ons: eggs, cheese, onions, pickles, ketchup, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tartar sauce, tomato and bun.

    You can’t add meat to a sandwich, but you could literally order a cheeseburger and say:

    -add an egg
    -no bun

    The trick here would be to get them to:

    -substitute a biscuit

    Which is not a preset. But when I worked there a biscuit, plain biscuit, was a preset that was not on the menu. The Big Breakfast comes with a biscuit so they have them in the morning.

    The grilled onion thing is totally bizarre. My guess is that you got an employee’s own creation, because it sounds like someone took a fancy burger onion and put it on the sandwich.

    Aside from befriending the kitchen, that’ll be the hardest item to come by.

    1. cleek Post author

      Mark brings the data!

      if i wasn’t sure they’d screw it up completely, i’d try to order a plain cheeseburger with egg and a biscuit. but the reason i get boring stuff like chicken biscuits is because they always screw it up when i try doing substitutions and omissions.

      and it was really the onion that made the whole thing special. ‘cheeseburger biscuit with egg’ is just a blander version of a sausage biscuit with egg. but grilled onions!

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