Shitloads Of Money

Let’s listen to Liz Phair!

Shitloads Of Money

Not her best song, but the top comment on the YouTube page for this is:

Troy Neihardt
11 months ago
I wish I had received payment for playing the accordion on this track. I guess it provides funnier irony that I didn’t.

You’re welcome.

1 thought on “Shitloads Of Money

  1. Countme-a-Demon

    Did Donald Trump produce the record, thus the stiffing of the accordion player?

    If we included non-payment for services and labor, and conversely non-delivery of paid-for services and labor, as with your home construction, cleek, in GDP and GNP stats, I wonder how exceptional America would really be.

    I wonder how the American penchant for screwing over our fellow Americans financially figures into American “productivity” stats?

    I expect it goes down in the books as a net plus for the screwers.

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