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New music time!

  • Sea And Cake – Any Day. Feels like I could just reuse the same review I’ve given their last five records. I don’t hate it, but I want them to mix things up a bit!

    Cover the Mountain

  • Belly – DOVE. I didn’t expect to see a new Belly record last weekend, but there it was on the iTunes front page. I had to squint to make sure that was the 90s indie rock Belly logo on the thumbnail pic, and it wasn’t from the rapper who goes by “Belly”. It’s OK, and grows on me a bit each time I hear it. But I wish it had a bit more of that slightly off-kilter weirdness that made the first Belly records so much fun.

    Belly – Shiny One

  • Wye Oak – The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs. Pulls in more of that electronica that singer/guitarist Jenn Wasner used in her groovy side project, Flock Of Dimes. They’ve been moving in this direction for several albums now, and I’m liking it more and more each time.

    Wye Oak – It Was Not Natural (Official Music Video)

  • The Breeders – All Nerve. Full of all that awesome, raw Breeders strangeness. I like it a bit better than some of their other recent records.

    The Breeders – Wait in the Car (Official Video)

  • Grateful Dead – Workingman’s Dead. OK, not new. But new to me! A college roommate had this one, so I got to hear it a lot back in the day. Then I went 25 years without hearing anything from it except “Uncle John’s Band” and “Casey Jones”. I’d convinced myself that the rest it was just filler between those two songs. Then XM played “Black Peter” last week and I decided I had to buy the album immediately. It’s great!

    Grateful Dead – Black Peter (Studio Version)

  • King Krule – 6 Feet Beneath The Moon. This is an earlier record and is a bit more lo-fi and much less produced than his latest (“The OOZ”). It’s good, but I like the sound on the new one better.

    King Krule – Easy Easy (Official Video)

  • Doc Watson – Live At Club 47. This is actually a new release, even though it was recorded Feb 1963, in Cambridge MA. It’s just Doc and his guitar on 21 of the 26 tracks, and of course the playing is amazing.

    Doc Watson – "Train That Carried My Girl From Town"


3 thoughts on “Listening To…

  1. Girl from the North Country

    Ah, Workingman’s Dead, a frequent play on my turntable when I still had vinyl, along with American Beauty. I seem to remember that afterwards I bought both CDs too, but I’m not sure now. I saw a great documentary (I think it was Classic Albums, have you had that over there?) in which Robert Hunter said the band were in London and left him alone in a hotel room with a crate of booze, and he wrote Ripple, Brokedown Palace and To Lay me Down in one afternoon, after which he said, rather poignantly “Ah, that those days would come again. They will of course, but not for me.”

  2. Rob Caldecott

    I got nothing new. 2017 is kicking 2018’s arse from where I’m sitting. The new Arctic Monkeys album is divisive: lounge rock I guess, but compared to 2013s “AM” it’s night and day. Jury is still out.

  3. HinTN

    I’m waiting for my Sweet Lizzie Project cd to arrive. Heard the review on NPR and went immediately to their website. Order #00002, I am.

    Workingman’s Dead, what can I say but yes, Yes, YES!

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