Love on a Farmboy’s Wages

Let’s listen to XTC!

XTC – Love on a Farmboy's Wages

You’re welcome.

I’ve always been XTC-curious. But except for a brief time in 1989 when I had their big Oranges And Lemons (“Mayor Of Simpleton”, “King For A Day”), I’ve never owned a album. I’ve collected a few hits here and there over the years, but no real coverage. But, I last weekend gave in and bought a ‘singles’ collection (Fossil Fuel – 31 songs!). It’s great, actually. The early stuff sounds like Elvis Costello, and a lot of the early 80’s songs are in the same area as Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians – punchy and melodic post-punk-pop with very clever lyrics. They are underrated, in the US anyway.

But it’s this tune, even though I already knew it, which has glued itself to my ears. That guitar picking is awesome. Their drummer quit over this song.

Here’s Fairport Convention’s cover:

Fairport Convention – Love on a Farmboy's Wages

Not as good, IMO.

5 thoughts on “Love on a Farmboy’s Wages

    1. cleek Post author

      You might like this; it’s a series:


      i love when people who can really play guitar don’t care about the names of the chords they’re playing. i just watched this thing with Alex Lifeson of Rush where he shows you exactly how he plays the song. he’s like “well, this thing looks kindof like an A, so i call it an A, but i don’t know it’s real name. and i have no idea what this is, but here’s how i finger it.”

      here i am learning enough theory that i know both of those chords he couldn’t name are Asus4 (one with a 7th). but knowledge is completely useless when it comes to playing the solo. theory can’t teach my dumb old fingers to go any faster.

  1. russell

    i don’t know a ton of XTC stuff, but this is my favorite as well.

    As a possible point of interest, Fairport’s drummer lives around the corner from me these days. I bump into him now and then and we talk drums.

    Small world.

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