Can I just say… is the best internet thing I’ve found in a long time. I have a bunch of old and moldering guitar junk that I don’t use, but which strangers on the internet are happy to buy! And Reverb makes it all so damned easy: take some pix, describe it and pick a price. If someone buys it, you print the label and stuff your stuff in the mail. Done.

And if my old vibrato pedal would just sell, I’d have enough cash saved up up to buy that new vibrato/phase pedal I’ve been lusting after.

7 thoughts on “Reverb

        1. cleek Post author

          ah yeah.

          i just discovered Tony Levin’s Reverb shop.

          for just $2.4K (88% off original price!) i could have the phaser he used on:

          King Crimson (Elephant Talk, Frame By Frame, Indiscipline, Neurotica, etc.)
          Peter Gabriel (DIY, I Don’t Remember, I Have The Touch, Shock The Monkey, San Jacinto, etc.)

  1. Jewish Steel

    My reprobate brother-in-law left a whole bunch of musical junk (true junk, mostly) in his mother’s basement when he moved to Mexico. My wife was going through his stuff and trying to determine what could be salvaged and sold and hello! What’s this? In among the garbage 90’s pedals was a block letter MXR Phase 90, beat to hell and probably from the late ’70s. What a score! It sounds incredible.

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