Speedy Delivery

I kindof miss the days when ordering anything on-line or by phone or whatever meant at least a week of waiting, without knowing exactly when it would arrive. Every day, you come home, and check “Is it here yet?!” Anticipation can be fun! These days, I order something on Amazon, they tell me exactly when it will arrive, and it’s usually within a day or two of when I order. I can track it as it moves from city to city and they can tell me what time of day it will show up. Boring.

They should offer an Irregular Delivery option, to put a little mystery back in things.

6 thoughts on “Speedy Delivery

  1. joel hanes

    They should offer an irregular deliver option

    At least for Prime members, they do.
    It’s called “free no-rush shipping”, you get a $1 credit to apply to some kinds of digital goods,
    and they ship your stuff whenever they get around to it.

    1. cleek Post author

      hah! yay!
      i never bothered looking at that option. i always just take the Prime default.

      time to get some randomness in my life!

  2. Rob Caldecott

    Try ordering something non-Prime that’s going to ship from China. We ordered some Christmas stuff in early December that finally turned up last week.

  3. dbati

    That’s what pre-orders are for from record labels! I forget I ordered them, and every once and a while you get a sweet surprise on the front doorstep. My latest was Nap Eyes new joint showing up a week early and I’d completely forgot about ordering it.

    Did the same with a Teen Beat t-shirt recently.

    1. cleek Post author

      oh yeah! forgot about those.

      a few times a year, i get a package from a record company and i’m like “WTF could this be?”

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