Robert Plant

Saw Robert Plant this weekend.

He played old stuff, new stuff, black stuff, blue stuff. The new stuff sounded better than the older stuff, though. His voice is, understandably, not the voice he had in the 70s, and his newer songs suit this newer voice. I think I counted five Zeppelin songs this time around. Either out of boredom or to suit his voice (he can’t get to those high notes any more), he’s changed their arrangements to varying degrees: “Baby I’m Gonna Leave You” was mostly original, but “Misty Mountain Hop” was totally unrecognizable and the words didn’t really fit the song the band played – he just kindof spilled them over the top of the music. It took me a verse and a half to figure out what was going on. But, “Gallows Pole” and “That’s The Way” were good. I think he only did one of his big songs from the 80s (“Mood For a Melody”).

Might have been the night, but it seems like he is slowing down a bit – not quite as animated, a bit less spark. The kids behind us in line to get in were talking about how they were about to see the “greatest front-man in the history of rock”. I hope they know that they missed that Robert Plant by about 30 years. Today’s version is more elder statesman and less hypnotic blues imp.

The band was great, especially the two guitarists.

So, it was a good show. But I could see myself taking a pass if he comes around here again.

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  1. Jewish Steel

    I’ve gone back and relistened to his 80’s hits. They were much better than I gave him credit for at the time.

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