I’ve Heard Them All, I’ve Heard Them All, I’ve Heard Them All

Went to see David Rawlings last Saturday in beautiful Saxapahaw NC. It’s the same group of people that used to be called the “David Rawlings Machine”, but now it’s just “An Evening With David Rawlings.” MmmK.

Tenth time seeing them (either lead by Gillian Welch or by David Rawlings). This pushes them ahead of Robyn Hitchcock.

It was a sold out show, so it was packed and hot and stuffy. And it’s a club, so you gotta stand. And the other three people who were supposed to come with me (and whose idea it was to go in the first place) all bailed at the last minute. So, I wasn’t like totally stoked to be there. But, I went, dammit!

He has a new album out, as “David Rawlings” (no more “Machine” there either), which is good because I’ve been watching him play what seems like the same set for years. But, unfortunately, I just don’t care much for this new record.

So, I got there early, got a decent place to stand. And as soon as they started, the guy in front of me started making me miserable by getting three inches taller, creeping backwards, leaning backwards, very slowing rocking side-to-side. He had three feet in front of him, where the rest of his party was standing, but he needed my space, too.

So, shitty mood firmly established…

They played a bunch of my least-favorite tunes from the new record. Then they played a couple of tunes I like but which I’ve heard him play a hundred times before. Then Gillian Welch got to do a song, “Back In Time”, which she did last time I saw The David Rawlings show. Then Willie Watson got to do a song; but before he started he said (paraphrasing) “I was thinking maybe I would do a different song this time. You know Gillian always ends up singing ‘Back In Time’, and I always do this one. Maybe we should switch it up for a change? But it was decided that we should just stick with what works.”

And then he did the song he does at every David Rawlings show. It’s a good, fun song, but I didn’t need to hear it again. And he obviously didn’t want to sing it again. At that point I realized I that was bored. I’ve seen them on that same stage several times before and have been just awestruck and mesmerized. But this time, I was just bored. So I stood for one more song before they took their intermission and then I left.

They just announced a Gillian Welch show around here in April. I rolled my eyes.

5 thoughts on “I’ve Heard Them All, I’ve Heard Them All, I’ve Heard Them All

  1. Spirula

    That’s a bummer.

    I only saw Robyn twice. Both shows were excellent. At both shows Peter Buck showed up for a few songs, but Robyn was the star and so entertaining.

  2. dbati

    I hate “moving-back, leaning-back, swaying guy” at shows. I’m 6′-3″ so I try to take a position to be as unobtrusive as possible (which usually means hear the back, on the side, or soundboard-adjacent depending on the venue). Invariably, some douche will plant himself right in front of me and then slowly ease back into my space.

    I was at a Slint reunion show a couple years ago, and the place was not packed. I’d taken a spot adjacent to a support column which allows me to have one side clear. As soon as the band got on stage, a ball-cap wearing bro planted himself directly in front of me (literally about 6″ in front of me), even though there was room to either side and plenty of room in the venue. I tapped him on the shoulder and asked if he could relocate. He shrugged and dismissed me. I began to gently blew on the back of his neck. He turned around like he wanted to square up, and saw me and my equally large pal, I told him to find other accommodations, which he did. I’m a pretty passive guy, but douchey behavior at a show will draw my attention.

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