One of my projects this past week was to build a pedalboard to corral all of my various effects pedals. They’ve been sitting in a bag for years because wrangling them, with all the cables and the always-dead 9V batteries, was just too much work.

But if I could get them all arranged in a nice compact group with short cable and dedicated external power supplies, I might be tempted to use them once in a while.

My first idea was to take an old bamboo cutting board from the kitchen, add some feet and cut some holes in it to snake cords through. But, it was just a bit too small to hold all my junk. So, I had to get a bit more creative.

It took me four days, but I did manage to build one that would have worked, but was just simply terrible. It was all misshapen and obviously hacked-together, because I rushed and didn’t plan or measure or cut or assemble carefully. It sucked. And because the design was so simple to begin with, I couldn’t stand looking at such a fucked-up failure. I threw it away and started over.

After laying out all the pedals, in the right order, I figured out I needed two rows of at least 17 inches each. So, I planned on a 18″ wide board. We have a bunch of leftover flooring planks in the attic – already finished on top, stiff as can be and very light. They’re ‘engineered’ wood – 1/8″ of the top layer on a stiff plywood base. The planks are 7″ wide, and so are just big enough to accommodate the two big pedals in my collection.

First, a frame. This is made from pine 1x4s – just a couple of simple triangles joined by two straight boards. The hardest part of the whole thing was cutting the hypotenuses of those triangles – that took a backsaw and lots of patience. Then I trimmed the tips off the triangles. Sanded a bit and then stained with the only stain I had on hand : ebony. Rustic. Glued, then screwed it all together. Couple of light coats of polyurethane for added spiffyness.


(The frame is actually upside down in that pic)

Then I glued and screwed the top planks onto the frame.


The gap between the planks is there to run cords and cables underneath.

Needed to put the screws near the top of the plank on bottom level, because the screws I used are so long.


The ebony stain worked out well enough with the color of the floor boards, I think. And the sexy black drywall screws really bring it all together, right? “Not completely hideous” is a win, in my book.


Four runs of super-strength velcro across the top boards, and matching velcro on the bottom of each pedal.


And there it is, with all the cables and power supply cords. I put some soft rubber pads on the bottom, to keep it from sliding around. I’m going to get some cable tie action underneath to tidy-up the power cords. And, I need to get a cable with right-angle connectors to handle that run from the chorus in the bottom-left up to the phaser top-right. The cord that’s doing it now looks untidy.

Sure, it looks like it was made from scraps – which it was – but, it’s completely functional!


And it fits perfectly in the little nook where all my other rockstar crap lives.

All dressed up and nowhere to go.

4 thoughts on “Board

  1. Jewish Steel

    Nice work! It looks better than my camouflage Gator pedal board. Some wag called it my Duck Dynasty pedal board and that stuck for me.

    I had the Voodoo Lab Sparkle Drive. Great little pedal, but my Klon supplanted it.

    1. cleek Post author

      that trem pedal sounds nice, but it’s ancient and pretty much unused. it doesn’t even have an LED on it.

      Klon? a real one?

      i’m digging the MojoMojo. but it’s my first real OD pedal, so i don’t have any point of comparison. i had just always used the amp’s OD channel when i wanted grit.

      is the camo a custom job? i looked at pre-made boards but never saw a camo one!

  2. Jewish Steel

    This is it. Ugly. But it was cheap! I hate it because the case can look closed and zipped up but isn’t. User error to be sure, but I haven’t stopped dumping half my pedals on the floor about once a year. Grr.

    It’s a Klon KTR. His latest batch of pedals. They retail for around $300, not the $1200 you’ll shell out for a Centaur. I was pressed into getting it by a friend. From the moment I plugged it in, no regrets. All the hype is real.

    1. cleek Post author

      i watched a half-hour vid of the maker A/B/Cing an early Klon, a KTR and a Centaur and i could hardly tell the difference between the three. they all sounded good, to me.

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