5 thoughts on “Monday Cat Blogging

  1. Girl from the North Country

    Crikey cleek, I thought Tricksey was beyond beautiful, but Pepper’s no slouch either. That, or you’re the world’s best/most flattering cat photographer….

    1. cleek Post author

      oh yeah, Pepper’s a pretty girl, too. T was just super-pretty.

      i think Pepper looks more like a typical Siberian than T did (T was the runt).

  2. Tony P.

    I’m here to confess that I have spent 10-30 minutes every night of the past month watching the daily video posted on YouTube under the name “The Lucky Ferals. Example. It has been 12 years since my own cat died, BTW, and I’m still not ready to adopt another one. Also BTW, you are one hell of a photographer.


    1. cleek Post author

      “The Lucky Ferals

      watched a couple. wow. that’s a lot of cat politics to deal with!

      , you are one hell of a photographer.

      thanks. (i think it’s 90% due to those good-lookin cats)

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