This will be great

Religion don’t mean a thing
It’s just another way to be right-wing
Spoon, Jonathon Fisk

For years, a coalition of well-funded groups on the religious right have waged an uphill battle to repeal a 1954 law that bans churches and other nonprofit groups from engaging in political activity.

Now, those groups are edging toward a once-improbable victory as Republican lawmakers, with the enthusiastic backing of President Trump, prepare to rewrite large swaths of the United States tax code as part of the $1.5 trillion tax package moving through Congress.

Among the changes in the tax bill that passed the House this month is a provision to roll back the 1954 ban, a move that is championed by the religious right, but opposed by thousands of religious and nonprofit leaders, who warn that it could blur the line between charity and politics.

Maybe they can set things up so that the congregations’ tithings go straight to the GOP.

Or, perhaps having to sit through political lectures from preachers will be so terrible that people will abandon organized religion for good.