I swear I’ve checked, but there is no sign outside my office that says “STAND HERE AND SHOUT YOUR IDLE CHIT CHAT AT EACH OTHER EVERY 35 MINUTES.”

3 thoughts on “STFU

  1. Rob Caldecott

    You should try working in an open plan office. It’s the reason I chose to work at home 4 days a week. My office is like working in a bus station. A constant babble of bullshit. It’s horrible.

    1. cleek Post author

      open plans are the worst. i worked on place with half-height cubicle walls and it was terrible.

      my current mgr won’t let us work from home. if he would, i’d happily do it. i love WFH.

      1. Rob Caldecott

        It’s a question of trust. Most corporates simply assume every employee is going to sit at home in their underwear and watch Netflix all day. I’m lucky I guess. And I work longer hours at home so it’s a win for the company. If they told me it couldn’t continue and I had to show up every day I’d resign on the spot. This time of year it’s awesome not facing a 25 mile commute in the dark. Fuck that.

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