Went to put a credit freeze at Equifax. This is what they gave me on the last step:

I’m sure this will turn out fine.

3 thoughts on “Freeze!

  1. proportionwheel

    You got further than I did. I tried to pull a credit report (3 times now) and all I can get is “system down for maintenance”.

    1. Slim Pickens

      You got lucky then proportionwheel. It sounds like our host here got it locked, but now is going to have to go through hell to unlock it when inevitably that time comes. And it will.

  2. Countme-a-Demon

    Yup, me too, proportionwheel (cool handle).

    I’ve NEVER, as a retired Federal employee and taxpayer, been turned away, screwed over, or ignored by OPM, the IRS, Social Security, or the state-level unemployment agency the one time I collected unemployment in my life.

    Not so with the thieving, lying private sector in this country. Credit agencies, cell phone companies, cable TV companies, the list of exceptional crap purveyors never ends.

    People aren’t DEPENDENT on government as we’re told by the BS artists in this country; they find government dependable compared to self-interested profiteers.

    In fact, that’s why conservatives hate regulation. If the private was forced to be transparent, above board, honest, and just, the entire system would swirl down the commode. The free market doesn’t work if the dogs can’t eat the dogs. and maybe screw them in the process.

    YMMV, like a VW diesel engine.

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