Taking It Back

A team of Reddit power users is taking over subreddits across the site—and transforming communities like WhitePolitics with posts about shades of gray and laundry.

When you click on “WHITE POWER,” it shows a 136 kilowatt power generator. That power generator is white.

The post below it, titled “Why whites must be separated from blacks,” is about laundry.

On WhitePolitics, according to a stickied post on the site, “racism is now banned,” and it is now a place to “hail the greatest of whites, Swiss Coffee!”

Take, for example, r/Trannys, which now shows close-up shots of car transmissions. (Urquhart identifies as trans.) r/Whites, these days, exists to “discuss shades of whites, off-whites, and light grays.”

“I told them that if they made me mod instead of Milo, that I would use my mod powers for good instead of evil and extol the wonders of bundles of sticks and questionable British meat products. I think I made them laugh because they did indeed make me the top mod,” said Urquhart, who said she identifies as queer. “I mean, what’s not to laugh about pics of bundles of sticks in a sub called r/faggots?”