Once More, With Feline

Now, Tricksey has two big lumps in her neck, at the location where the tumor was removed. And they don’t feel like lymph nodes to us. One is very large and flat, the other is small and hard.

She seems perfectly healthy, though. She’s not lethargic; she likes to play more than she ever has; her appetite is very strong (especially now that she’s learned about butter – her new favorite thing in the whole world).

Back to the doctor.

Here she is on a cat tower I built for them last month. I made it with steps so they could get to the top since neither of them can jump like they used to. I never quite figured out how to make the carpet sit right on the corners. But, the cats don’t care about that.

These things are really expensive to buy. But, unless you can get the carpet for free, they’re not cheap to make, either. $20 for the wood, $20 for the rope, misc screws and stuff. Carpet was free from a carpet store – it was a small scrap, maybe 10 sq ft. But if I had to buy it, the best I could find was a 35 sq ft piece from the hardware store – $30.

2 thoughts on “Once More, With Feline

  1. Girl from the North Country

    Well, I’m glad to hear that whatever the hell is up with her neck, at least she is enjoying life again. That has to count for something. Your/her previous experience will have been an intensive lesson in how far intervention is actually worth it when considering quality of life, whatever the vet says. Good luck, in any case.

  2. Rob Caldecott

    Quality of life ftw. Hope she forgives you for more trips to the vet!

    Nice work on that cat post. We’ve been through so many of those things over the years. We’ve got Boo a scratch mat now as his back legs are a bit wobbly and he sometimes even struggles to jump on the bed. He’s 18 next month.

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