Robyn Hitchcock

… at the Carrboro Arts Center.

Tenth time seeing him! First time was in March, 1997.

This set was mostly requests that he took on Facebook. So it was a lot of stuff I’d never heard him do live before: One Long Pair Of Eyes, The Ghost Ship, I Want To Destroy You, A Skull, A Suitcase…. And, he picked one of my suggestions: Luminous Rose. In addition, he played almost all of my favorites: Guilford, Glass Hotel, Briggs, etc.. If he had also played Chinese Bones, he would’ve completed my top five. He also played a lot of songs from his (very good) new record, which all sounded great done with just an acoustic guitar.

Local singer, Skylar Gudasz, opened with a set of excellent tunes – minimalist and intimate in the style of Cat Power or Joni Mitchell at her best. Worth checking out.

Three weeks till Paul Simon.

2 thoughts on “Robyn Hitchcock

  1. Alan J

    Saw him twice circa. 1990 in Athens Ga.. Both times, Pete Buck joined him onstage.

    I remember buying the record (vinyl of course and still have it) of the Soft Boys “Underwater Moonlight” and playing it for some of my co-workers. They loved it.

    The Egyptians and everything since has mostly been pure gold.

    Glad to hear he is still at it

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