30 Second Reviews

  • The Black Keys – Attack & Release. It has a minimalist soul/blues vibe – similar to the White Stripes – but goes deep & mellow where the White Stripes would choose loud crashing angst. Very accessible, but still interesting. 4 nulls ØØØØ
  • Pink Mountaintops – Axis Of Evol. Lo-fi garage proto-psychedelia; iTunes called it “stoner-rock”. A double-bill with Viva Voce would make sense. 3 nulls ØØØ
  • Mazzy Star – So That Tonight I Might See. Yeah, I’m 15 years late on this one. It really is great, though – well worth the wait. It could be the Cowboy Junkies’ 2nd-best record. 4 nulls ØØØØ
  • Portishead – Third. Speaking of 1993… Portishead? Yep. The instruments and arrangements are a bit more aggressive and in-your-face than on their other two records, but it’s still got that unmistakable Portishead sound (a.k.a. Beth Gibbons’ voice). 4 nulls ØØØØ
  • Shellac – Beautiful Italian Greyhound. This record demands to be played a couple of notches louder than your comfort level. Not sure why the other guy is singing, though. And their bouncy little major scale instrumental isn’t bad, but sure feels strange. 3 nulls ØØØ

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