No Parity Required

NPR was yammering about Trump yesterday AM.

Here’s how the segment started:

SIEGEL: First, am I missing something? Is there some substantive change in what Trump has to say about immigration?

SULLIVAN: There really isn’t. …

Nope, nothing has changed. Let’s talk about it anyway!

Three minutes later, having conclusively demonstrated that nothing had changed:

SIEGEL: Just by announcing he was going to Mexico and then having a speech last night, he completely dominated cable news for all of yesterday.

Oh those wacky cable news shows with their constant Trump coverage.

Current number of Trump stories in NPR’s “elections” section since Monday that don’t mention Clinton in the headline: 11. Four of them are about Trump’s trip to Mexico.

Number of stories about Clinton that don’t mention Trump in the headline? 2.

Back to the blather:

SULLIVAN: It was remarkable to see the level of coverage. Even before he got to Mexico, for hours at a time, you had networks looking for any images of a plane landing even so. If his goal was to be covered, if his goal was to have attention heaped on him, he certainly accomplished that goal because as you said, this is all anybody was talking about yesterday. Hillary Clinton could barely get any attention, and the attention she got was when she reacted to Trump in a speech she gave in Ohio.

If only journalists had some control over who gets their attention and who only gets mentioned in relation to other people. Alas. Only Trump has that power.

12 thoughts on “No Parity Required

  1. JenBob

    It’s really tough to blame the media for lack of coverage when Secretary Clinton, herself, has not cared enough to hold a press conference in the last 272 days.

    If you want to get press coverage… you gotta want press coverage.

    1. cleek Post author

      that’s so fucking stupid.

      she’s done literally hundreds of interviews this year.

      she’s not hiding anywhere. she’s constantly in front of the press.

    1. Yastreblyansky

      They’re Bothsiderist organizations, committed in an almost theological way to the belief that whenever a Republican has done something wrong a Democrat must have done something of exactly the same wrongness. And to the TV drama of the campaign, generating ratings or clicks, which they care more about than what happens to our country.

      Also, the political reporters who show up for these events are largely the worst journalists in the business, ignorant of policy and focused on mean-girls trivia. They don’t ask any questions worth answering.

  2. JenBob

    When a liberal Democratic presidential candidate loses NPR, The Atlantic and CNN…they’ve got real problems and need to do something different.

    If I were her advisor I would advise her to:

    Hold lots of news conferences. Get as much press coverage face-time as possible.
    Answer all questions
    Travel to crisis areas (Think Florida)
    Unload the Chairman Mao pantsuits. (Especially the orange ones.)
    Keep voice low when speaking. She sounds so much better than the yelling she tends to do when on the podium.
    Trot out some WHITE people for a change. She’s already locked up the black and latino vote.

    1. cleek Post author

      they’ve got real problems

      the problems are called The Clinton Rules.

      the press is more interested in clickbait pseudoscandals than actual reporting. a “Nope, Nothing Here” gets zero clicks.

      she’s in front of cameras all the time, but the press is addicted to Trump. ask Cruz or Rubio or Jeb about it sometime.

  3. JenBob

    the problems are called The Clinton Rules.

    Well, good luck with that.

    It’s probably a really popular meme in the far left bubble, but few regular people have heard of it nor do they believe that Hillary is being treated unfairly by the press.

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