The List, 2008, #60-51

Closing out the top half of my Top 100 All Time Favorites, 2008 version:

Beastie Boys 1992
Check Your Head
Not just rappers, they’re a band with actual instruments!
Robyn Hitchcock 2004
Gillian Welch and David Rawlings + Robyn = teh awesome
Sea And Cake 1994
Sea And Cake
Sea and Cake!
Wilco 2007
Sky Blue Sky
Wilco is better than your band. Just is. Sorry.
Yo La Tengo 1990
Yo La Tengo turns obscure 60’s singles into obscure Yo La Tengo songs.
Alison Krauss & Union Station 1992
Every Time You Say Goodbye
Always reminds me of our first spring in North Carolina.
Beastie Boys 1989
Paul’s Boutique
Take their word for it: it’s good!
The Beatles 1966
George gets three songs? Something is definitely going on here.
The Shins 2001
Oh, Inverted World
Unlike Zack Braff, it did not change my life, but "New Slang" really is a terribly catchy tune.
Paul Simon 1972
Paul Simon
Freed from the artistic shackles of Garfunkel, Simon bursts into song after wonderful song.

And the histogram for #100-#51 looks like this:

(release dates of records listed so far, grouped into five-year spans)

Next exciting installment will be out on Wednesday!

2 thoughts on “The List, 2008, #60-51

  1. Rob Caldecott

    1995 again! :)

    Will there be a ‘Start Your iPods’ this week, ‘cos I have a list ready.

  2. cleek Post author

    yup. workin on it.

    the 91-95 bin is rockin. maybe i’ll break that down further into single-year bins, at the end

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