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Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) has asked his fellow Republican congressmen to sign onto a letter urging either Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) or Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) to drop out of the presidential race so that one of them can defeat Donald Trump.”Through rivalry, disunity, and baseless hatred in our ranks, conservatives are now in danger of splintering our voice and ensuring that the Republican Party’s nominee in the general election is Mr. Trump who is incontrovertibly, the weakest General Election candidate in the Republican field with the strongest probability of allowing Hillary Clinton to become President,” Franks wrote in the letter, according to a copy obtained by the Huffington Post.

Game theory must have a name for this situation. It’s very close to a game of chicken, but not exactly right. Winning a game of chicken happens as soon as your opponent swerves. In this, if Rubio or Cruz swerves (drops out), the other doesn’t get the win; the other gets the chance to go up against Trump for the win. The actual game here isn’t between Rubio and Cruz it’s between Rubio, Cruz and Trump. Rubio and Cruz each want the other to drop out ASAP because every state Trump wins puts him farther and farther ahead of the both of them. The longer they both stay in, the bigger Trump’s lead becomes. But Trump wants Rubio and Cruz both to stay in and split their votes, and will presumably work to see that that happens. And I want them all to drop out and join rival plushophilia gangs.

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  1. Ugh

    I’m not sure why they think Trump is the weakest candidate against Hillary. I’d say he’s clearly better than Cruz, and perhaps a toss up against Rubio, but only because Rubio comes across as “nice.” That Rubio is an empty suited moron and could be exposed at any point as such (like Christie did, perhaps worse) means they have to hope he can not have a nervous breakdown between now and November, and I wouldn’t put any money on it. Whereas Trump you will at least have someone that isn’t going to shrink from the challenge and is happy to dish out nonsense without any sense of shame.

    But yes, plushophilia gangs for the lot of them.

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