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Artist’s Statement

By exposing the flatness and debating the topsoil, “field” removes all ambiguity from the geography and indeed sows seeds of quiescence where later flowers of combinatorial analyses will wilt in the sun. Through this fluoridation and catechism, the uniquely rotund and confloundering ministrations embolden the frisson (and at what expense!) of a single guitar talking to itself across time. And realizing this, then we look down. We have come to the stream running through the middle which is the hydration and the sewer and the catheter, the mouth, the blood, the rectal dispensation, and dipping our naive toes two by two into the muck, we discover the leeches, the manifold rotifers and the pastoral pleasure of “field”.

2 thoughts on “Field

    1. cleek Post author

      i have no idea what i was talking about there.

      but i think i heard “what is this cheap horrible beer?”

      could be a clue.

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