A House Half Built

Today I learned why there hasn’t been any work done on the new house in weeks, and why some of the work that was started has been sitting half-finished for months – the siding, for example, was started in July but still only covers half the house today. The builder hasn’t been paying his subcontractors. He’s bouncing checks. He’s been taking the withdrawals from our construction loan and … well, nobody knows. Pocketing it, we assume. And, money we paid him directly, for things above and beyond what was in the contract, that’s been pocketed also. For example: the very big chunk of money for the solar stuff – pocketed. Mrs. called the solar company he was supposed to contracted with and they have no record of our property. Lesson learned there.

Nobody knows what’s going on with him. He’s built many houses and never had a problem. All of his people are baffled.

But, he’s been ripping us off for months. And it sounds like we’re not the only people he’s doing this to – others of his projects are in similar situations.

Lawyer on Tuesday.

And now the subs and suppliers are trying to put liens on us. And our lawyer says he just got another client with the same situation on the same builder. What a shitshow. 

6 thoughts on “A House Half Built

  1. Mark

    This is crazy. I am so sorry to hear this.

    I’m not a man who believes in signs, but if this is an excuse… An excuse to move to New York… go for it.

    1. cleek Post author

      NY. sigh.

      last time i lived in NY, i didn’t have financial commitments to anything bigger than a 93 Hyundai Excel.

      those were the days.

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