A Beck fan writes, on Facebook :

Beck I am a huge devoted fan. I’m from Ga. Saw you in Athens and have killer pics from the show still. Michael Stipe was there. I saw the Mutations tour. Then you made Midnight Vultures and Sea Change which are fucking incredible albums. You came to Atlanta and played on the Sea Change tour for the people at the label. You didn’t do a show here for the people to promote the albums?? And now I understand on tour you are playing all this new stuff. Which I get that. But I haven’t checked it out yet. I usually go see people in concert and then decide if I will get the album. Thanks to setlist.fm, I know I don’t even want to waste my time going to see you. First of all, I mean I get it You playing the hits, and I am not saying that they are bad songs, I am just saying that it is played out big time. I am a deep cut guy. First of all, you need to put Debra on the shelf dude. That’s just not all that great. Then you have all this incredible music and you are playing Donna Summer covers???? Then you are playing 2nd takes of songs you have already played that evening??? I mean dude, I skip The Golden Age when I listen to Sea Change. Not that it is a bad song, it is just not the best representation of that album. I would say the same for Sexx Laws and Where It’s At. And I am going to suggest my Beck show right now, and I am not saying that you still aren’t playing any of these that I mention, or that any of your music sucks. You have always ruled in concert. These are in no order. I’m just saying that the it’s getting a little stale bro. 1. Girl 2. Hell Yes 3. Nicotine and Gravy 4. Get Real Paid 5. Hollywood Freaks 6. Peaches and Cream 7. Broken Train 8. Milk And Honey 9. Beautiful Way 10. Pressure Zone 11. Nobody’s Fault Butt My Own 12. Lazy Flies 13. Tropicalia 14. Hidden track on Static 15. Hotwax 16. Lord Only Knows 17. Novacane 18. Jackass 19. High 5 20. Readymade 21. Sissyneck 22. Minus 23. Paper Tiger 24. Lonesome Tears 25. Lost Cause 26. End Of The Day 27. Its All In Your Mind 28. Already Dead 29. Sunday Sun 30. Little One
Now you have an arsenal like that And you are playing Michael Jackson covers And same songs twice? Play Pressure Zone twice, now that would rule. Not The Golden Age. Beck you rule and I am a fan I don’t care what anyone comments, butt you are slipping my man. I would have killed to see Beck at The Fox in Atlanta, butt I will not be there this time.

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