Start Your iPods

Random three, described.

  1. Guided By Voices – Motor Away. A great band. This song is one of many on its album which make you think that these guys can toss out these ridiculously great pop songs which would all be top-40 hits in a sane and just world. Except that they’ve recorded the songs to sound as radio-unfriendly as possible, because Fuck The System! or Artistic Vision! something, so they linger in obscurity by their own choice because Gimmie Indie Rock! or whatever. But then, their later albums are as slick as possible (produced by people like Ric Ocasek!), and the songs just as good; and the albums went nowhere.
  2. Sonic Youth – The Sprawl. The “Sprawl”? No. This will always be the “Come on down to the store” song.
  3. The Men – Oscillation. A nice indie rock jam. Reminds me of early Feelies, or Yo La Tengo, or even fieldfresh.

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Play along, if you dare.

3 thoughts on “Start Your iPods

  1. Cris (without an H)

    The Eagles – Life In The Fast Lane
    Like you, I’ve heard this one a few too many times for it to offer much anymore. It’s one of those that I tend to just skip.

    The Drifters – Oh My Love
    In the Ben E. King era, when the Drifters were already deep into the Brill Building era and experimenting with lush strings and Latin rhythms, here’s a straight doo-wop number.

    Terence Blanchard – Amazing Grace
    I encountered Blanchard when I was listening to a lot of Branford Marsalis, and this piece (like most of the album) shows Branford’s influence. Lots of… space.

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