39 thoughts on “Pony!

  1. eRobin

    I linked to it but didn’t steal it. Oh, I wanted to steal it. I wanted a pony of my own. But I didn’t steal it. I’ll never be president.

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  3. cleek

    thanks, all.

    i gotta give thanks to Microsoft Paint, Google and Firefox. and i couldn’t have done any of this without George Bush and his stupid fucking endless war.

  4. Another Kiwi

    Excellent! You do promise to look after the pony? A pony is not just for Christmas, you know. It’s at least until New Year.

  5. kilolight

    Why do you hate America so much?

    Are the standard measurements of stuff!

    Example from real life:
    I’ll take 5 pounds of ground beef please.
    Sorry, sir, it only comes in 4, 7 and 12 pounds.
    Ummm, ok, 10 pounds I guess.
    NO!!! 4, 7 or 12 pounds!
    OK, ok, 7 pounds.

  6. Che Guevara IV

    Can you fit the Republican elephant as substitute for the downsliding Dog’n Pony show in Washington?

  7. Chuck

    The neighbors had 5 kittens, so I went over and baby sat them after school for 3 days, and Dad said I was sooooo good for not asking to have one.
    Now Dad owes me a pony, but he just doesn’t know it yet.

  8. cleek

    Ah, the number of math tests is inverse to the amount of ponyosity. I

    yep – the Approach Of The Pony acts to suppress the advent of new math tests, while eliminating rainy days, and cheering up sad kittens. ponies are really quite wonderful.

  9. bill

    This is so unrealistic to think you can predict no more rainy days and sad kitens/ Just like delusional BUSHTHINK.

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  13. lambert strether

    And oopsie again.

    Thanks. FF helpfully creates a dropdown menu of past links, which I more or less randomly select from, becaus the links are always longer than the dropdown, and I guess a bad one snuck in.

    When you get a chance, would you drop me a line?

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