I’m A Bomb


SORGUES, France — A T-shirt worn by a 3-year-old nursery-schooler named Jihad has led to an unusual and politically charged criminal trial here that tests the limits of free speech — and common sense — in a France increasingly ill at ease with its growing Muslim population.

“I am a bomb,” the shirt said on the front. The back read, “Jihad Born Sept. 11.”

One of my college bands had a song called “I’m A Bomb”. Wanna hear it? Here it go.

3 thoughts on “I’m A Bomb

  1. cleek

    DOD American Metal + Fender Ultra Chorus!

    it does sound like a Big Muff, though. i wanted that sound, but didn’t know it was called ‘fuzz’. i just thought it was more and more and more and more and more distortion.

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