Start Your iPods

Random five, described!

  1. 10ft Ganja Plant- Shine Dub. And why not start the week with a groovy instrumental reggae number ? Settle in, with your foot a-tappin.
  2. The Hykkers – I Want A Break Thru. And a funky, psychedelic Nigerian guitar instrumental is the perfect follow-up.
  3. Artie Shaw – Stardust. Another instrumental! This one, however, is completely lacking in funk, and has only the tiniest bit of groove. It could be pleasant, in a different context, I suppose.
  4. St Vincent – Oh My God. A hazy, narcotic thing. Pretty, but hard to get a handle on. Disjoint.
  5. Andrew Bird’s Bowl Of Fire – Swedish Wedding March. Is this actually the Swedish wedding march? I wouldn’t have thought such a thing would be in a minor key.

You do it!