Nikon D90

Somewhere over 400 empty CD jewel cases; next to them, in the box, are the CDs and accompanying artwork (both insert and back tray card), in individual polyethylene sleeves.

That’s A through most of P. There are still a couple hundred CDs left to go (I have lots of S and T bands).

Yes, that box is motherfucking heavy. The box of 1000 empty sleeves I bought probably weighed 15 pounds by itself.

Our local landfill recycles jewel cases (or they claim to, at least). So, next week, or maybe the week after that, I’ll throw all the cases into a big bag and haul them away.

The sleeves are soft and quite slippery, but they do OK when stored vertically, (and they’re designed so you can read the tray card spines on the edge). When they get to the new house, I think I’m going to build a new rack for them. Or, maybe just shove them in a chest of some kind.

2 thoughts on “Sleeves

  1. platosearwax

    Try doing that and then sending about 1000 cd’s overseas. Was not cheap, I can tell you. I still have 3 boxes of records in my dad’s basement that I would love to get over here but the cost is ridiculous.

  2. Jewish Steel

    I pulled out an old album that was one of those double cd jewel cases. Fell apart in my hands and clattered to the ground. My hope is that future generations will never know our burden.

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