Angry Angry Birds Player

I’ve just discovered that, for some reason, the latest Google Maps update on Android breaks Angry Birds. It causes the game to go into ‘pause’ mode every few seconds, making it impossible to play.

Uninstalling the update fixes the problem.


12 thoughts on “Angry Angry Birds Player

  1. Rob Caldecott

    What version of Android are you running? I’ve just gone back to 2.3.5 after beta testing Android 4.0.3 on my Sony Ericsson and Angry Birds is fine on both releases. My Maps version is 6.3.0 (#6030007).

    Do you use Latitude? If so, turn it off.

    Angry Birds in SPAAAAACE! is coming. Can’t wait!

      1. Rob Caldecott

        2.2? Froyo? Blimey – 2010 called and wants it’s phone back! This will be that “fragmentation” problem that people keep bitching about I guess.

        1. cleek Post author

          2010 called and wants it’s phone back!

          yesterday was the first day our phones are eligible for an upgrade! Mrs Wife is very eager to dump hers.

            1. cleek Post author

              she got an iThing.

              i haven’t decided yet. i’m ok with Android, but my phone is (as you can tell) way out of date, and short on memory, and dead slow.

              1. Rob Caldecott

                The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is “stock” Android 4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich) so will always get updates direct from Google – no carrier bloatware. You could do a lot worse. It’s quite a big phone though but the screen is superb, the camera is good (though not the best and I expect you prefer a real camera anyway) and you can root it and mess with it without any hassle (should you want to of course). The only downside is you can’t expand the storage so are stuck with on-board 16GB but I’m guessing your phone isn’t your primary music player so this might not be an issue (plus 16GB is easily 2,000 songs).

                1. cleek Post author

                  my carrier is selling those with 32GB for just $30 less than the 32GB iPhone.

                  grrr. that doesn’t make it easier!

  2. Platosearwax

    Interesting. I have an HTC and a Samsung both running Gingerbread that seem to work fine with the latest updates. But I don’t know how your phones differ over there…

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