What I did last weekend

This is roughly 1500 frames from my D90, taken via my nifty new little Pearstone ShutterBoss intervalometer (tells the camera to take a shot every N seconds). The frames were pre-processed with ThumbNailer, then stitched together with Adobe Premiere. Taken, last weekend, Beaufort Inn, Beaufort, NC.

Nikon D90, 18-105mm, 70-300mm, ShutterBoss

Song is called “Zendos”*. It’s me.

It’s actually available in HD, if you want to get the full experience of sitting on the boat slip, then looking out the hotel room window.

No, it’s not great, but it was fun. Maybe someday I can find something better to use this tech for.

* – nothing to do with “Zen”. promise.

5 thoughts on “What I did last weekend

  1. cleek

    just realized that title has the word “Zen” in it. eew. i’m really not a fan of using “Zen” as a synonym for deep, placid, reflective, etc..

    it’s really just a combination of “los endos” (via the Genesis song on T.o.t.T.) and a bad Mexican accent. it was the last tune on the record. seemed like a good name.

  2. cleek

    Is that an ebow I hear?

    that’s some reverse-enveloped sustainy effect from my BR600. i forget what they call it, but i call it the “King Crimson sound”.

    you’ve heard of this?
    ZOMG. want.
    well, just a little, maybe. maybe the middle level. yum.

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