7 thoughts on “Tragedy

  1. Rob Caldecott

    Noooooooooooooooooooo! :(

    Do you usually leave it at work? Will it be covered by your company insurance policy?

  2. cleek

    yeah, i leave it. if i brought it home, i’d forget it. so i only take it home on weekends, to update.

    i think the company insurance will cover some of it, but the thing was like 3yrs old, so i’m not gonna get much, if anything.

    i needed a new one anyway.

  3. Rob Caldecott

    What size disk did it have? What will you replace it with? A 60GB black job (yum!) or do you fancy a Nano?

  4. cleek

    it was a 20GB. my employer offered to replace it with a 30GB- couldn’t refuse that offer. so now i have a 30GB (white). my wife has a black nano.

  5. joe

    wow, that was nice of them. i’m fairly confident my current employer, your past one, would not do the same. as for insurance, i’m pretty sure the corp. policy wouldn’t cover employee’s personal property. and if you want a chance to win another one (SHAMELESS SELF-PLUG HERE : ) , check out http://www.carbonrecords.com : )

  6. cleek

    yeah, i was surprised. i’m sure they’re tired of hearing me thank them for it.

    speaking of carbon… i did a little closet cleaning this weekend, and found a box of 45s. so, i covered the walls on the inside of the closet with ’em. it’s probably 75% Rochester stuff from the early 90s, quite a few of your releases in there. ah memories.

  7. joe

    cool, post a picture. i can probably wallpaper my entire house with the first Hilkka CD ; ) back in the days of 1000-cd minimum pressing, painful.

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