Start Your iPods


  1. Tokyo Police Club - Frankenstein
  2. Pink Floyd - Point Me At The Sky
  3. Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Cold Son
  4. Lilys - Bring Up The Stamp
  5. Flaming Lips - Placebo Headwound
  6. Fleetwood Mac - Oh Well, Pt 1
  7. The Kinks - The Days (BBC)
  8. Q-Tip - Gettin Up
  9. Dave Rawlings Machine - Sweet Tooth
  10. Elliott Smith - Half Right


The Fleetwood Mac vid is fab (live BCC, 1969), and the Dave Rawlings Machine vid is pretty cool, too (live in a studio somewhere w/Old Crow)

14 thoughts on “Start Your iPods

  1. platosearwax

    I’m successfully initiating my plan to take over your comments.

    1. Frightened Rabbit – Poke
    2. Fugazi – Lusty Scripps
    3. Peter Gabriel – Shock the Monkey
    4. Echo & The Bunnymen Lips Like Sugar
    5. Sonic Youth – Bull in the Heather
    6. Queens of the Stone Age – No One Knows (Dave Grohl on drums!)
    7. James Taylor – Your Smiling Face (Do I even have this song?)
    8. Spoon – Black Like Me
    9. Seals & Crofts – Summer Breeze (WTF? Seals & Crofts? I have no idea how I have this.)
    10. Bauhaus – Black Stone Heart (from their reunion disc)

    That was weird.

  2. Rob Caldecott

    Operation Chariot.

    1. Blur – London Loves.
    2. The Chemical Brothers – Star Guitar.
    3. Scissor Sisters – Everybody Wants The Same Thing.
    4. Radiohead – Blow Out.
    5. Dead Or Alive – You Spin Me Around (Like A Record).
    6. The Smiths – How Soon Is Now?
    7. PJ Harvey – Dress.
    8. The Dictators – Search & Destroy.
    9. The Duke Spirit – Lassoo.
    10. Secret Machines – First Wave Intact.

    Note to self: Write app that finds YouTube links for a list of artists/songs and reformats the text to include the tags.

  3. The Modesto Kid

    Here come my baby she’s so good — does everything just like she should — the Soft Boys are starting things off the right way with “Wey wey hep uh hole” from their Living Room sessions — this is a very nice, sparse arrangement. Ding dong! Kim’s guitar is beautiful as is his interplay with Robyn. Next track is Robyn’s too, the hoarse, slow moaning take of “Arms of Love” (which he says on “Spectre” was originally going to be “Arms of God”) on “Obliteration Pie”. The slow fade moves nicely into the Carter Family’s rhythmic strumming — they are playing “John Hardy was a Desperate Man,” one of my very favorites. Do you know the tune? A murder ballad about a condemned man in West Virginia, a sinner converting to Christianity on the gallows.

    Mississipi John Hurt gently plucks out the opening chords of “Candy Man” — he can tell you who has the best candy, girl, remember to take your candy stick to bed. His candy don’t melt away, just gets better, so the ladies say. Strangely enough he has been playing his tune at a Robyn Hitchcock concert (Jan 2008, London) — now Robyn gives us a bit of banter before the next act: thanks everybody for coming here to Waterloo, and introduces Glen, who makes them play swing; and suddenly he is playing “Live Man Die” with the Egyptians (from “Bad Case of History”) — an almost excessively hot song. But DJ Rogers cools the mix right down with “Bail Out”, keeps it mellow and bassy. The applause that opens the next track almost sounds like it is for Rogers — it is for Bob Dylan and the Band at their “Before the Flood” concert and it introduces them singing “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”, a marvelous, aggressive take on the song which is heating the mix right back up… (Especially the harmonica solo! Wow!) Doo-wop sextet Spank singing “So Much in Love” at the Trumansburg, NY Grass Roots Festival brings us to the perfect blend of blue cool and heat, and leads perfectly into our closing track, Robert Johnson’s “When You Got a Good Friend.”

  4. MikeJ

    1. The Normal – Warm Leatherette
    2. Gigolo Aunts – Wishing You The Worst
    3. Joe Jackson – In Every Dream Home (A Nightmare)
    4. Alex Chilton – Free Again
    5. The Beatles – When I Get Home
    6. Cloud Eleven – Serendipic Wheel
    7. Roxy Music – Mother Of Pearl
    8. Cowboy Junkies – Walkin’ After Midnight
    9. Sugar – Granny Cool
    10. Cake – Never There

    I posted an app to assist in looking up the youtubes. Googling these threads for the word monkey will probably turn it up.

  5. MikeJ

    Dammit, I had every intention of being all cool and doing it narrative style, until I forgot. How else can Obama fail us?

  6. The Modesto Kid

    Again thanks! I am listening to a very pleasant random mix right now (including things like the Thoth Boys singing an extended “Clean Steve”, a version I didn’t know before — the beauty of all these RH alternate takes discs is that I never listen to them, so I get a lot of versions I don’t really know when shuffling — and The Lafayette Afro Band).

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