The "Glee" cast has surpassed the Beatles for the most appearances on the Billboard Hot 100 chart by a non-solo act.

The cast of the Fox television musical series about a high school glee club has six debuts on the chart this week. That gives it a total of 75 songs on the chart to the Beatles' 71.


Elvis Presley still leads overall with 108 songs to chart on the Hot 100. He's followed by James Brown with 91, then "Glee."

The Beatles are sixth, behind Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin. Lil Wayne, Stevie Wonder and Jay-Z round out the Top 10.

Glee is definitely in my list of top 10 shows: top 10 worst shows ever. I tried a couple of episodes but I honestly found nothing interesting at all; anti-charismatic 20-somethings with plastic smiles and glassy eyes lazily lip-sync to cheese-slathered versions of worn-out top-40 songs from the ages, while pretending to be in high school. Yeah, Jane Lynch is funny, but she'd be funny anywhere. The show is just fucking awful.

And who the fuck is Lil Wayne?

God damn, I hate being old and wise. My lawn: you're on it.

Update: I suppose I should clarify that if you like Glee, that's cool. Doesn't bother me. You probably hate half the stuff I like. But I'd still grab you a beer if I was going to the kitchen and you needed one - we can get along. Besides, if we all liked the same stuff, there'd be no such thing as browsing in stores - and I think we all like that.

8 thoughts on “Philistines

  1. MikeJ

    Soundscan changed a lot of things. Back in ye olden days, the hot 100 was largely based on radio plays. Now it’s sales.

    It might be better to say that Glee had a good week of album sales rather than six singles. If anybody still listened to the radio anymore, I doubt they could find many stations that added that many singles from one act this week.

  2. cleek

    they do a half-dozen songs per episode. and they’re all available (and pushed heavily) on iTunes and Amazon.

    i hateses the Gleeses.

  3. Rob Caldecott

    Everyone has a guilty pleasure and in 2009 mine was the Glee cover of Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing. I’m really, really sorry.

    I’ve never actually watched the show though, so it could be worse.

  4. Catsy

    I am torn. On the one hand, I find most musicals to be just utterly unwatchable. And Glee is like a perfect storm of nearly everything I hate about television.

    But I have a deep, deep weakness for covers of songs I actually like. I think at one point I had MP3s of at least ten or fifteen different versions of Paint it Black. For me it’s like getting more of something I know I like, but different enough to make it new–like a game sequel that keeps the same essential gameplay I loved but adds new content to freshen it up.

    And on that basis I, too, really enjoyed their version of Don’t Stop Believing. But when my other half starts watching Glee–or worse, High School Musical–I flee the premises.

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