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One final new song. This is “Streetlight”, and features Harry and Emma on vocals.


The first part was recorded on an iPhone with a looper. The second part was recorded on the good old Boss BR600. The final sonic consumable was assembled in Reaper.


From the upcoming smash album, “Princeton Studies”, here’s a smooth little tune of mine called “Cleptometry”.

It was performed and recorded live at a nightclub in fantastic downtown Groovesburg, NC! *

* – This is not true.

Drums and bass are lovingly-hand-crafted lines played by VSTis. Guitar and glockenspiel are real.


Here’s a mournful little tune I wrote:

This, and Something Else, are the big hit songs from an upcoming album of mine called “Princeton Studies”. In this case, it’s a study in slowness, the harmonic minor scale, and transitions via augmented chords to other keys (and back).