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Artist’s Statement

By exposing the flatness and debating the topsoil, “field” removes all ambiguity from the geography and indeed sows seeds of quiescence where later flowers of combinatorial analyses will wilt in the sun. Through this fluoridation and catechism, the uniquely rotund and confloundering ministrations embolden the frisson (and at what expense!) of a single guitar talking to itself across time. And realizing this, then we look down. We have come to the stream running through the middle which is the hydration and the sewer and the catheter, the mouth, the blood, the rectal dispensation, and dipping our naive toes two by two into the muck, we discover the leeches, the manifold rotifers and the pastoral pleasure of “field”.

The Song

We’re up to seven people now. So I have a suggestion…

It might be good if you all coordinated who’s going to play what before you got too involved in your part. There are a lot of guitar players (which is why I did a bass part), and a couple of you have mentioned drums. And I have no problem with that. But I think we’ll get the best results if everyone has an idea as to where everyone else is going to fit in.

So, if you could, just leave a note on the Kompoz Discussion board for the track about what you’re planning. Don’t leave it here, since this post will get pushed down in the normal course of blogging…

Let’s Make Beautiful Music Together

From what I gather, many of the readers here are musicians, to one degree or another. So, I was wondering… would any of you be interested in doing an on-line collaboration ?

There are online services, such as Kompoz which make the process pretty simple. Basically, someone would start the song by creating a foundation track, then we’d all add our own tracks to it. There’s a bit of software involved (but you can use free stuff like Audacity, so there’s no cost) and you’ll need to know how to record yourself to MP3, but that should be doable.

Anyone up for it ?

(and don’t be shy – I’m not expecting that this would be some kind of masterpiece or anything. I’d just like to see what would happen when all these people with all these different musical tastes get together and do something. I’ll even volunteer to put up the first track. And I’ll offer tech support to make it happen, where I can.)