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The best I could do with my iPhone camera was the 93%-eclipsed sun filtering through leaves onto the concrete sidewalk.

Nature’s psychedelic pinhole camera.

I had my Nikon out there, trying to get some real pictures. I’ll see what I got, tonight.

c is for cleek
Nikon D100, 70-300mm, 692nm interference filter

Nikon D100, 70-300mm, 692nm interference filter

And this is a terrible picture. All that blur and halo was caused by light leaking around the edge of my filter. The circular glass filter I used was mounted in a cardboard frame that had started to separate after a few minutes, and I couldn’t come up with anything to re-seal it. But, that missing part of the sun is, no shit, a vulture’s wing. Wish it turned out better.

Monday Cat Blogging

The tumor is big, and growing. She doesn’t like us to touch it – we assume it’s painful. But, she’s hanging in there. Dejectedly. Occasionally, she still acts like the cat she used to be, and that’s nice. But mostly, she just begs for butter. It’s her new favorite thing in the whole world. If I step into the kitchen, she sits by the fridge and waits for butter. First thing in the morning, she waits for butter. She won’t eat her normal food unless she gets some butter, first. I can’t say no.