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Government Center

Had to renew my driver’s license. So, I got up early, got to the DMV at 7:45 – 15 minutes before the doors opened. There were 25 or 30 people already in line. After the doors opened, it took me 30 minutes to get to the check-in desk to get my number.

And they called my number at 2:17. Took 13 minutes to do my paper work and I was out of there in a quick 6 and a half hours! It could have been worse.

This is a known problem.

Drove over to the Social Security Admin office because I needed a replacement SS card. That took five minutes.

So, let’s listen to Modern Lovers!

the MODERN LOVERS "Government Center" 1972

You’re welcome.

To Lay Me Down

Let’s listen, first, to Jerry Garcia!

Jerry Garcia – "To Lay Me Down" from Garcia

And then to the Cowboy Junkies!

Cowboy Junkies-To Lay Me Down

You’re welcome.

(i’ve suddenly remembered that Mrs and I once sat next to the Junkies at a restaurant, while we were all eating dinner before their show. they all had the appropriate number of arms, legs and heads)


Let’s listen to Hazy Year!

You’re welcome.

(I’ve been listening to a lot of ‘chill’ hip hop lately. It makes me feel like I’m working in a really swanky modern hotel lobby)

Doing Time In The Universal Mind

This article in Scientific American asserts (citing much evidence) a rather mind-bending claim: nothing exists but quantum superposition – an unresolved cloud of possibilities – until a conscious mind observes. At that point, something falls into existence. But what does that say about the nature of the universe?

For almost a century, physicists have wondered whether the most counterintuitive predictions of quantum mechanics (QM) could actually be true. Only in recent years has the technology necessary for answering this question become accessible, enabling a string of experimental results—including startling ones reported in 2007 and 2010, and culminating now with a remarkable test reported in May—that show that key predictions of QM are indeed correct. Taken together, these experiments indicate that the everyday world we perceive does not exist until observed, which in turn suggests—as we shall argue in this essay—a primary role for mind in nature.

What does it mean? They say they’re not pushing mysticism or solipsism. They aren’t claiming the world is a hallucination. Rather, they’re talking about something bigger … a “transpersonal” mind. Something, out there, in here, everywhere, observes, just as we do. That’s what makes reality.

Well then. Something somewhere must be very busy, doing all that observing.

But it ain’t me.

I’m the Freedom Man. That’s how lucky I am.

The Doors: Universal Mind