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Barr is panting against the ropes.
And then Trump sneaks up behind Barr and hits him with a folding chair!
The ref doesn’t see it!
Trump puts Barr in an illegal hold!
Now the ref is arguing with Barr’s manager!
Barr breaks Trump’s hold and hits him with the banned Long Arm Of The Law!
Trump goes down!
Barr raises his hands in victory, but Trump sweeps Barr’s legs and Barr goes down, taking the ref with him!

/ 20 minutes later

The ref, Trump and Barr are sharing a box of Crispy Kremes and laughing at the rubes.

‘No girl is safe’

Ogoja, Nigeria – For most children, their birthday is a time of celebration. But that was not the case for Mirabel when she turned 10.

For Mirabel, a Cameroonian refugee living in Nigeria, turning 10 marked the start of gruelling daily torture – having her breasts ironed with hot stones by her mother.

Every morning, a neighbour from the refugee community where she lives in Ogoja, in Nigeria’s southeastern Cross River State, holds her legs firmly in place while her mother takes a burning hot pestle straight from the fire and presses it against her daughter’s chest in an attempt to flatten her breasts.

The procedure can be repeated for months, or even years, and is intended to either stop young girls developing breasts or to flatten them once they have.

I don’t even…

The Irishman

I haven’t seen it. The reviews don’t make it sound like something I need to bother with.

But Ken Levine’s review brings up a good point:

And then there’s my own, I acknowledge, personal issue with the film. Every main character in THE IRISHMAN is despicable. Tony Soprano without the therapy. And the only reason we give a scintilla of a shit about them is because wonderful actors are playing them.

So what happens in fifty years? Might there be a movie about Trump and his treasonous inner circle of gangsters? Will audiences have sympathy for Donald Trump and Stephen Miller and Rudy Giuliani if our national treasure actors-of-the-day portray them? Will future movie-goers (and who knows where they go in 2070?) be fooled into finding these monsters “fascinating?” The real people are fooling millions, imagine what good actors can do. So for that reason I had a harder time caring for one second about any of the thugs in THE IRISHMAN.

That certainly puts a twist on the Villian Protagonist trope.

Bee, Gone

Extreme temperatures are driving a dramatic decline in bumblebees across North America and Europe, according to a new study, in yet another way climate change is putting ecosystems at risk.

Researchers looked at half a million records showing where bumblebees have been found since 1901, across 66 different species. They found that in places where bumblebees have lived in North America, you’re about half as likely to see one today.

The decline is especially pronounced in Mexico, where bumblebees once lived in abundance.

Internal Cacophony

As I’m typing this, I’m carrying on a conversation with an imaginary reader, and trying to make sure my words here are getting my point across to him (this reader person sounds a lot like me). And I’m having that conversation with words -- only some of which end up here. And all the while, an LCD Soundsystem song is absolutely blaring in the background -- of my thoughts. It’s silent in my office.

I’ve always assumed that was how everybody went through their days.


My day was completely ruined yesterday when I stumbled upon a fun fact that absolutely obliterated my mind. I saw this tweet yesterday that said that not everyone has an internal monologue in their head. All my life, I could hear my voice in my head and speak in full sentences as if I was talking out loud. I thought everyone experienced this, so I did not believe that it could be true at that time.

Literally the first person I asked was a classmate of mine who said that she can not “hear” her voice in her mind. I asked her if she could have a conversation with herself in her head and she looked at me funny like I was the weird one in this situation. So I began to become more intrigued. Most people I asked said that they have this internal monologue that is running rampant throughout the day. However, every once in a while, someone would say that they don’t experience this.

LCD Soundsystem - "All My Friends"


U.S. farm bankruptcy rates jumped 20% in 2019 – to an eight-year high – as financial woes in the U.S. agricultural economy continued in spite of massive federal bail-out funding, according to federal court data.


Newly installed panels from the US border wall fell over in high winds Wednesday, landing on trees on the Mexican side of the border.
The area is part of an ongoing construction project to improve existing sections of the wall.