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Emerald Isle

Spent the last week at the beach.

Awesome weather: a perfect string of warm clear days (it hasn’t rained in most of NC in over a month).

Friends who live there took us on their boat to Cape Lookout. Easily one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been – the five of us we were one of two groups of people there, on this little inaccessible spit of perfect brown-sugar sand sticking out into the ocean where endless schools of small fish raced by, under clear skies, with the big lighthouse just across the little bay. No pix, because no camera could do it justice.

So, here’s a dark waning sunset.

You Dropped A Bong On Me

A Florida high school was evacuated Thursday after “bong” was misheard as “bomb.”

A family member of a student at Marianna High School called a staff member and said the student had a “bong” in their backpack, School Superintendent H. Larry Moore said in an online statement.

The staff member on the other line heard “bomb,” prompting them to report the situation to administrators for “appropriate action” to be taken, Moore said.



Thirty years from now, the graduating class of 2049 will not believe that there were people who defended Trump even after learning about everything that’s come out this past week. And when shown proof, they’ll just roll their eyes at how dumb people must have been in 2019.

Barrage By Design

After an automated feature on a Boeing 737 Max failed in the skies above Ethiopia in March, repeatedly forcing the plane’s nose downward, the pilots were bombarded with a cacophony of alarms that shook, clacked and lit up throughout the cockpit.

Boeing did not sufficiently consider the effect that such a barrage would have on those flying the plane when it designed the Max, according to the National Transportation Safety Board, which released its first wave of recommendations Thursday in response to the crash in Ethiopia and one in Indonesia under similar circumstances in October.

Don’t worry, though – the people working on self-driving cars aren’t sloppy or profit-driven or under any kind of deadlines to get something out the door.

Transcript of Trump’s call


Aside from the “We’d like more of these missiles” / “First, I’d like you do a favor for me [find the DNC’s email server]” bit, what stands out most to me is the fact that, even in a call that nobody would ever even know about, Trump talks about almost nothing else but conspiracy theories about his enemies: Biden, Clinton and Mueller.

I’d always thought that maybe his constant public references to those things was just him playing to his idiot base. But, no, that really is all he thinks about.

The guy is utterly deranged.