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And Then There Were Two

Another story about Kavanaugh sexually assaulting someone has been published.

There’s a strange calculation here:

The more K becomes tainted, the more the GOP will turn off voters, which increases the risk that they will lose the Senate, which increases the pressure to get K seated before they lose the chance to seat anyone, which makes them look even worse, which increases the chance they’ll lose the Senate. GOTO 10.

Their alternative is to not vote on him, risk their base staying home, but possibly lessen the retaliatory vote, and maybe retaining the Senate to give them another chance to seat someone else after the election.

I think they’ll keep the Senate.

But I hope they’re losing sleep trying to game this shit out.

Catastrophic inland flooding?

40″ of rain?

Forty inches?????

There’s a little metric I like to keep in mind when thinking about rainfall: an inch of rain is equivalent to ten inches of snow.

So… this would be 400 inches of snow. That’s over thirty three feet of snow.

We’re on a pretty steep hill. So, I’m worried about the slope turning liquid and sending us sliding down into the creek. Or, the trees around the house falling over in the saturated soil.


I feel for the people out in the eastern 1/3 of the state, where the ground is basically flat and the winds will be stronger.

Guess Who’s Coming To Our Special Dinner?


We’re between the Friday AM and Saturday AM dots.

That’s far enough inland that the winds should be only 40 – 70mph or so (!) when the storm gets to us Friday morning. But the local police department put up a map predicting that we’re going to get “historic” rain totals because it’s going to slow down and drag over us for a day or so. I’ll get to see if the new French drains we just had put in are going to work or not.

The whole South Carolina coast just got put on evacuation notice.

Wilmington NC area schools are already closed for the week. Our friends there are coming up to this area to ride it out.

Friday is our 22nd wedding anniversary. I have a special bottle of wine for us to drink in the dark. I think we’ll probably have to pass on the dinner reservations we made for Saturday, too.