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Trail Of Nails

The 1,100-acre Pinnacle Park west of Asheville remains closed after a runner’s foot was impaled by a nail purposely placed on a popular trail that leads to the Black Rock Summit.

Brian Barwatt, an engineer with the Department of Transportation, and the race director of the Assault on Black Rock, a trail race in Pinnacle Park in March, was at the park Monday with the Sylva police chief Davis Woodard, town maintenance workers and other volunteers scouting out more nails.

Since Saturday, 40 nails hammered into tree roots and logs have been found, Barwatt said.

“We’re literally blowing every leaf off trail, and following behind with metal detectors. “It was a deliberate effort. Someone hammered 4-inch long galvanized nails and left them sticking out a half- to 1 inch, and at an angle so they’re like spikes.

The Location Of The Line

No kids, it’s not the hints of pedophilia that got Yiannopoulos in trouble, it’s the hints of gay pedophilia.

80% of evangelical “Christians” voted for the guy who was known to have burst into the dressing rooms of teenage beauty pageants. They voted for the guy who remarked, about a young girl, that he’d be dating her in ten years.

They voted for the guy who repeatedly told people holding microphones that he thought his own daughter was a piece of ass.

And that guy has nearly 90% support from “conservatives”, right now.

A gay man musing about gay teens and older men crosses the line. But a straight old man who repeatedly, publicly, treats young girls as the objects of his own sexual desires is the kind of guy who can MAGA.

It’s all about principles, you see.

The Green Angels

The Green Angels, she tells me, are selling a fantasy of an attractive, well-educated, presentable young woman who wants to get you high—a slightly more risqué Avon lady. Not all of the Angels are working models, but they are all young and attractive. In eight years, they have never been busted by the cops. The explanation is simple: Good-looking girls don’t get searched.

I’m Sure

If Russia and the United States actually got together and got along — and don’t forget, we’re a very powerful nuclear country and so are they. There’s no up-side. We’re a very powerful nuclear country and so are they. I have been briefed. And I can tell you one thing about a briefing that we’re allowed to say because anybody that ever read the most basic book can say it, nuclear holocaust would be like no other.


Six degrees of Jeremy Northam

We’re re-watching The Tudors (aka. Brit Tits In Dark Bedrooms). The actor who plays Henry VIII, he’s that guy from Velvet Goldmine. The actor playing Cromwell is that guy who played a nobleman in The White Queen. Queen Catherine is the Irish woman from Orphan Black. Hey look, the ambassador is Emperor Charles from Vikings! There’s the king from Reign! There’s Bash from Reign! And that guy was on Vampire Diaries. There’s someone from Game Of Thrones. That guy was on Revenge! And there’s Superman!

What else is on?
A show about a different British royal family: The Crown! Oh look, that actor, Jeremy Northam, was Sir Thomas Moore in The Tudors. And there’s the British guy from Mad Men who hung himself. That guy looks like the Nazi, Smith, from The Man In The High Castle, but it’s not him. But that’s definitely John Lithgow.

What about Victoria? Ah, there’s the guy who actually plays that Nazi from The Man In The High Castle. And that guy played Edward VIII in The Crown – he also played Prince Charles in The Queen. There’s another guy from The White Queen.

Something not royal? Black Mirror! Well, there’s the guy who played Frankenstein™ Model 1 in Penny Dreadful. And there’s that guy who looks like the Nazi, Smith, from The Man In The High Castle, again. And there’s Anne Neville from The White Queen (and ‘The Waif’ from Game Of Thrones). And there’s the Irish woman from Boardwalk Empire. There’s what’s her name from Halt And Catch Fire. There’s young Alan Turing from The Imitation Game. There’s another Game Of Throes person.

Speaking of The Man In The High Castle: there are three people from Battlestar Galactica (all Cylons, no less – one of whom was on Heroes and The Vampire Diaries!). And one from Revenge.

It’s like there are only 20 actors, and 15 of them have played someone in a British period drama at some point.