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QED, snowflakes

A TV show written and filmed before the 2016 election, which is set in a fictional 1960’s US, in which the Axis won World War II and now occupies the US, in which a resistance radio station is broadcasting anti-Nazi messages, has angered Trump supporters because hating Nazis is something that only “libtards, gays and weirdos” do.

While I’ve never had any real doubts of its validity, this is the strongest proof yet of cleek’s Law.


I’m re-reading Dune right now. It’s been 30 years.

Towards the end as the Fremen, lead by Paul, are preparing for battle and talking about how the Harkonnens have been harassing the citizens of the cities and driving them out as refugees, there’s this exchange:

Paul glanced at Gurney, saw him studying Stilgar. “Tell us, Gurney, why were the cityfolk down there driven from their homes by the Sardaukar?”

“An old trick, my Duke. They thought to burden us with refugees.”

Got me thinking about Syrian refugees, the effect they’re having on Europe and the US, and wondering if Russia might be up to something more than just propping-up Assad.


All kinds of things can cause these lapses in memory, from chronic dementia to a temporary head injury. So, some patients are alert, conversant, and are otherwise “with it” enough to understand the gravity of the news I end up breaking to them. It’s actually a fascinating moment, and I have become deeply curious as to what each patient’s reaction will be. Each time now, I stop, take a big breath, look them squarely in the eyes, and then I reveal to them the full, undeniable truth of the situation: The president of these United States is Donald J. Trump. I pause. I do not break eye contact.

For the most part, it isn’t pretty.

One elderly woman let out a startling moan, the kind of sound I would have expected if someone had told her that her cat had died. Another blinked twice when I told him. “Really?” he said, in disbelief. “Come on, doc, you’re shaking my leg.” One patient accused me of playing a trick, although I have not yet been accused of bringing fake news.