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Look What You Just Made Me Do

Emotionally-out-of-control snowflakes demand the state punish people who make them lash out violently.

Kentucky’s Republican-majority Senate on Thursday moved forward a bill that would make it easier to arrest protesters for insulting a police officer, a measure that critics say would stifle free speech.

The bill, passed two days before the anniversary of the fatal police shooting of Breonna Taylor, would make it a misdemeanor to taunt or challenge an officer with words or gestures “that would have a direct tendency to provoke a violent response from the perspective of a reasonable and prudent person.” Conviction would be punishable by up to 90 days in jail and fines of up to $250.

State Sen. Danny Carroll (R), who sponsored the bill, said it would enable officers to arrest someone inflaming them before the encounter turns violent. The provision is meant to apply to comments that are “obviously designed to elicit a response from the officer — something to push them to making a mistake, pushing them to violence,” he said, although courts would have the final say in interpreting the rule.

It's apparently too much to ask that Kentucky police be required to keep their emotions under control in the face of insults.

Pretending the danger's not real

Got my first YouTube 'copyright claim' !

Back in 1997, I with help from Mrs, did a 10 minute version of Pink Floyd's "Animals" album. The first part, "Pigs On The Wing (Part One)" we did fairly straight, and so I'm assuming that's what attracted the attention of the copyright bot. The rest of it wouldn't be mistaken for the original.

[Cued-up on the offending track]

Right now, they are giving all 'monetization' proceeds (ad revenue) to the copyright holder. That's fine. Take it all! The video has 1 view, and that was me spot-checking to make sure it was posted correctly.


Q: The GOP is clearly not a governing party any more. But what are they?

A: They are a theater troupe who uses the Capitol to stage performances of "Scenes From The Culture War" for the sponge-brained nitwits who vote in GOP primaries.

America's StoneQhenge

A New Jersey man was arrested this week after authorities say he vandalized America’s Stonehenge in Salem, New Hampshire. The defendant is accused using power tools to carve a popular QAnon slogan into one of the archaeological landmark’s 4,000-year-old stone tablets, several local outlets reported.

I didn't know we had a Stonehenge.