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Miracle Cure!

The spot on my right foot, where the Achilles tendon attaches to my heel, has been sore for years. I’ve always suspected it was running-related. But, I even though I haven’t run in over two months, the pain never went away. Then, I had hernia surgery and was left unable to walk without a walker for the better part of a week. And now the pain is gone!

Who knew the Achilles tendon was attached to the abdominal wall!?

Watchers Worried Watched Watching Watchers Watching

Hacked documents suggest that the FBI is concerned some people may be using Ring or other smart doorbells to watch the police.
The papers describe a 2017 incident where someone remotely watched live footage of police preparing to serve a search warrant.

The information was found online by The Intercept among hacked documents.

Previously, privacy advocates have raised concerns about data from smart doorbells being shared with police.

It is an interesting twist on the smart doorbell story. Previously there have been concerns about how much information from private cameras is being shared with police.

Amazon was criticised last year for partnering with at least 200 US law enforcement agencies to allow surveillance via its Ring doorbells.


I’ve noticed that tonic water is harder to come by since COVID19 showed up. Are people just relaxing at home with more G&Ts these days?

Probably not. But they might be buying it because internet quacks are telling people that the quinine in tonic water (of which there is only scant amounts) is close enough to hydroxychloroquine to be effective against C19.