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The Consequences Of Terrible UI Design

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They couldn’t even bother to separate the DRILL stuff from the real stuff with boxes or some colors or a bold font? Put them on different tabs with giant “DRILL” and “REAL” labels at the top?

Up From the Memory Hole

Every time some new report about Trump being totally out of touch with policy matters and how his staff tries to keep him away from the levers of power, I think back to this:

Donald Trump and John Kasich’s teams are at war over whether the Republican presidential nominee ever seriously wanted the Ohio governor to join the ticket.

Multiple sources close to Kasich said Trump’s son, Donald Jr., tried to entice Kasich with a position as the most powerful vice president in history, but he turned it down. Kasich would have been in charge of all domestic and foreign policy in a Trump White House, Kasich sources said.

Sure he denied it because it makes him look seem weak and out of his depth. But he denies everything, and he is weak and out of his depth.

Trump never wanted to be President. Maybe he wanted to win the contest, but he was never up for the job. And we’ve known this the whole time.

Mental Viruses

He saw that these Arc proteins assemble into hollow, spherical shells that look uncannily like viruses. “When we looked at them, we thought: What are these things?” says Shepherd. They reminded him of textbook pictures of HIV, and when he showed the images to HIV experts, they confirmed his suspicions. That, to put it bluntly, was a huge surprise. “Here was a brain gene that makes something that looks like a virus,” Shepherd says.

That’s not a coincidence. The team showed that Arc descends from an ancient group of genes called gypsy retrotransposons, which exist in the genomes of various animals, but can behave like their own independent entities.* They can make new copies of themselves, and paste those duplicates elsewhere in their host genomes. At some point, some of these genes gained the ability to enclose themselves in a shell of proteins and leave their host cells entirely. That was the origin of retroviruses—the virus family that includes HIV.

Monday Cat Blogging

Nikon D90, 50mm

Pete is serious.

He has become a Kitten Tornado. He spends hours running as fast as he can up and down the furniture, chasing Pepper, smelling things, chewing shoelaces, jumping and rolling at imaginary mice.

We have a coffee table with two big drawers, it’s where we keep the cat treats. Since Pete is on his restricted diet, he doesn’t get any. But he knows what they smell like, and he wants to eat them all. Friday, I opened the drawer to get a treat for Pepper and saw that Pete had chewed a hole in the bag. He learned that he can get into the drawers where the treats live by crawling into them from underneath the table. So, I put the treat bag inside a heavy duty zip-lock bag. By Saturday night he had chewed through that, too. So, no more treats for anyone! And I rigged a bunch of cardboard around the back of the drawers to keep him out.


Pete had another vet appointment today – regularly-scheduled kitten maintenance. He’s grown a pound in ten days – that’s almost 50% of his previous weight.