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iOS7 is ugly.

I hate the flat solid color look.

Also, every time I plug the iPhone into my PC to charge, it asks me if I trust this computer. Every time. According to the internet, the solution is to install the latest iTunes. But I will not install iTunes on my work PC just so my phone won’t complain about the quality of the electrons it’s getting from it. That is some insane bullshit.

Trust Yourself

18 months ago, Mrs and I had decided on a house plan. After looking at what seemed like thousands of plans, we’d found one we liked and that fit our needs. And then we went to builders for estimates and found that they were higher than we expected, partially because the house had most of its square footage on the first floor – which meant a large foundation and roof. We decided to go with the builder who gave us the lower estimate.

And then that builder talked us out of the plan we’d chosen, and into a plan that would give us more square footage for less money – because it would be a proper two-story house, and it’s cheaper to build up than out.

And now we hate that house. Well, kindof. Sometimes. It’s not great.

So, we’ve been looking at house plans again. And yesterday, Mrs sent me a link to a plan that looked like it would fit what we wanted. It’s a single story (mostly), with all the stuff we want, with a cute design and a decent layout. And, though she didn’t realize this until I pointed it out, it’s the exact same floor plan the builder talked us out of, 18 months ago.

And now we hate the builder even more.

Your Grass Is Mine

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is out (iOS only), and it is sucking up every last second of my, and my wife’s, free time.

It’s awesome, as was the first one. This just does everything a little bigger.

My only complaint is that it’s a little tough to play on my iPhone 4S screen. I sometimes fat-finger things and put plants in the wrong place; and precise plant placement is crucial to getting through many of the levels. Wife plays on her iPad Mini, which seems like the perfect size.

Don’t make me buy an iPad, PvZ.